We are aware that our success depends on attracting – and keeping – dedicated associates,

and we believe that each associate has a common stake in the competitive strength, growth, prosperity and success of the Company.

Here at Warren, we conduct ourselves according to a set of core values. The number one core value that guides all our dealings and actions is the commitment to “Do What’s Right.” “Doing What’s Right” means that we honor handshake deals even when not favorable to our position, pay fair and competitive wages and benefits, including a quality health insurance program as well as other benefits such as a 401 (k) plan and a performance based bonus program for our associates. We also create business opportunities, improve customer relations and develop more efficient and productive means of operations to insure that you have a job with the Company for as long as you and the Company so desire. We have freely chosen, without the pressure of any external party, to conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards, exercising integrity and fair play in our dealings with customers, suppliers and our associates. We believe it is precisely because we “Do What’s Right” by our associates, that our associates have never felt like they had a reason to join a union, even though they always have had a right to do so.

At any given night or weekend you can find Warren associates on a ride, ball game or just getting a bite to eat. Life long relationships have been developed here. We and our associates find great value in those relationships. 

At Warren you are encouraged to call anyone at any level in the company (your supervisor, HR representative, or any other management member, including the President and me) to share your concerns, ideas or suggestions on such things as how we can improve working conditions, more effectively manage our operations or better conduct our business. This open-door policy is designed to provide you with the greatest opportunity to meet your own personal objectives and help the business succeed.

We continuously strive to improve by focusing on strengthening communications and creating a collaborative team environment so every associate has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the business and insure his/her own job security, advancement and prosperity in the process all in effort in helping Warren to achieve its goal to be the most successful independent lubricant manufacturer in the U.S. Thanks for taking time to consider us for employment.

Do What's Right

We will conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards, exercising integrity and fair play in our dealings with customers, suppliers and company associates.

Provide Extraordinary Product Quality and Customer Service

We will work to maximize the value we bring to our customers, striving tom ake all aspects of their experience with us positive while providing them with products and seivices that consistently meet or exceed their requirements and expectations.

Respect Others

We will treat customers, company associates, su p ie rs and competitors with respect.

Work Safely and Live Well

We will maintain safe workplace environments and follow safe work practices, never compromising safety for the sake of convenience, speed or cost. We will embrace and promote healthy living chcices for our associates and their families.

Pursue Lean Methods

Operating lean is essential to our company being a low cost, world-class supplier ano to our organization’s prosperity. We will continually look for opportunities to improve our processes and embrace the changes essential tom a king those improvements.

Be a Team Player

While considering differing viewpoints is essential to finding better methods and improving processes, once decisions a re made we will work together as a team to execute agreed-upon plans and achieve extraordinary results.

Communicate Effectively

We will freely share our knowledge and improvement 1deasw1th other associates We will listen intently and speak thoughtfully in order to cooperatively and effectively exchange information and ideas.

Exercise Environmental and Social Responsibility

We will use resources wisely and manage processes and products in environmentally responsible ways, minimizing our impact on the environment We will give back to the comm unities that support us, sharing our time, our talents and our financial prospenty within those comm unities.

Work Hard, Make Money

Associates being committed to a strong work ethic is essential to our prosperity in the marketplace. Profitability is essential to providing the financial rewards necessary for our associates, our investors and our vendors. Long-term, our profitability will be a function of the value we create for our customers and the efficiency with which we operate.

Our Business, our Mission, Quality Policy and our Goals

Our BUSINESS is providing lubricants, chemicals and associated parts and accessories to the transportation and agricultural marketplaces.

Our MISSION is to understand our customers’ needs and expectations and to provide them with products and services that meet or exceed those needs and expectations.

“Our Quality Policy is to provide products to customers that always meet their specifications and expectations and to maintain a culture in which we continually look to improve our products, processes and services so that we can continually increase the value add that we provide to our customers.

Our STRATEGIC GOAL is to be recognized as a leading supplier of these products and to be valued by customers for providing them exceptional product quality and exceptional service.

Our Environmental Policy

Our organization is committed to responsible environmental practices including: Compliance with environmental laws and regulations as well as customer and community environmental requirements;

Prevention of pollution:

Conservation of natural resources;

Continual Improvement of our environmental management system.