The Machine Operator operates the machinery and equipment used in the production of our products and works with other associates to safely and effectively meet quality and production standards.

Qualities of a Machine Operator for Warren Distribution

You will safely and effectively operate and monitor machines and equipment used in the production of products.
Cross Checker
You will perform quality control checks in accordance with company policy and procedures, and ensure production meets quality standards.
Initiative Taker
You will perform machine start-up, shut down, changeovers, and clean up; ensure all production materials are readily available.
Teacher and Peer
You will work with others as a team and help in training of new associates as well as provide guidance to team members.
Independent Decision Maker
You will adjust operations machines and equipment as needed to correct quality and production issues. You will also perform equipment changes as indicated by the production schedule.
Scheduler and Multi-Tasker
You will coordinate production, sometimes monitoring multiple production lines at once.
You will perform minor adjustments and routine maintenance to equipment.
You will identify and contribute to continuous improvement efforts to reduce costs and/or increase productivity without reducing effectiveness.